Guilliam: The Next Generation

Captain's Log 5.25M40.979

It is exactly as I dreamed. Finally, after long last, my dreams have come to fruition. I don’t remember much from last night. Women, lots of women. And Navagator houses too. There was a beauty in the crowd. Well, specifically one that stood out more then the rest. But, for all my days to come, I will never forget the sight of my vessel’s unveiling. The Pentella Umbra, a beauty that eclipses all others touted before me that night. Glorious to behold. The Pentella Umbra and all of its wonder forged genius. It represents everything I want in life. Power, wealth, and above all, freedom. Freedom to do what I want. To strike out for myself and shed the oppressive restraints my family strives to shackle me with. The Gilliam dynasty has just begun to flourish and with this wondrous creation, we will see our glory days again. Nay, we shall exceed them beyond my Uncle’s wildest dreams.


Warlock_Xanatos Gladiator

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