Erus Vandrin Gilliam

Handsome, Brilliant, Cunning, Kingly, Loving,


Erus Vandrin Gilliam is the next rising star in the Gilliam Dynasty. He is brilliant beyond any of his blood line. He is lauded for the social grace of his father Tristan tempered by the shrewd business manner of his mother, Sophia. He is incredibly handsome, far more so then his siblings and cousins. He is a kind man, sharing his victories and wealth with those who are loyal to his causes, and the cause of the Imperium, fore they are one in the same. He is a loyal servant of The God Emperor and wishes to see mankind reclaim the expanse as it once did in the days of glory when He Upon The Throne of Terra walked the world of man. He repays those who love him with respect and friendship as these are the measure of a man. A bastion of nobility and a product of the finest upbringing he is a physical force to be feared on the battlefield as well as the dueling halls. He is of course, modest and a man of integrity, rarely wasting his hard earned wealth on superfluous items of material wealth. Though women throw themselves upon his handsome radiance, he is a man of moral conscious, looking for true love above a meaningless night of carnal pleasures.


Erus Vandrin Gilliam
Born: 5.24M40.956
Place of Birth:
Father: Tristan Gilliam
Mother: Charla-Bell-Something-Gilliam

Erus Vandrin Gilliam

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