Mornei Abernathy

A mechanicus emessariat now serving the Guiliiam dynasty


Excerpt from Brother Angstrom Godhand’s [Adeptus Astartes Iron Hands] report after operations near the Koronus expanse upon meeting Mornei Abernathy, factor of the lathes and mechanicus emmessariat.

“He certainly displayed more personality and efficiency than many of his tech-priest brethren, but that seemed irrelevant to the rumors. If the talk was to be believed, many other Adeptus Mechanicus cults aboard our fleet vessels considered him something of an icon, forged in glorious worship of the Omnissiah.”
“When standing before him, it took a long time to drink in every detail of his construction. His face was far from smooth – to mimic the nuances of human expression, even his lips and eye sockets were formed from hundreds of minute servos – his body’s musculature was shaped to conceal much of the metalworking and circuitry beneath.”
“Sophisticated sound suppressors the size of common tin coins were fused to his joints, muting his movements. Instead of the gentle purr of servos and the heavy tread of silver feet, Mornei sounded perfectly human: his heartbeat was the natural rhythm of the human organ within his chest, and his breath came from biological lungs. His voice was so perfectly coded to match human frequencies that it sounded more natural than any of my brothers’, with their gene-modified biology. “
“When Mornei exposed any of his mechanical existence, the craftsmen who had constructed him choose to instead build components out of silver rather than more durable materials such as plasteel. Silver was a soft metal by comparison to the materials used elsewhere in the karabela’s forges. I suspected that was why Axium did so little artificer work himself, except for the finest engravings upon weapons, armor and ship dedications. “
“I’d once asked him how much coin and time had been spent in his construction. ‘A great deal of both,’ was his thoughtful answer.”
‘And your armor is a disgrace. The healing we were able to administer in the last eleven days is hardly suitable for a return to battle…. You will surrender it to the Kataphrakt’s care for at least three weeks before you journey back into the void.’
“When Mornei and his priests below him had finished their repairs, he assisted in reattaching my armor’s breastplate. The tiny gears and servos in his knuckles gave only the faintest, softest whirs.”
“Mornei’s eyes weren’t human either, but they were perfect simulacra, right down to the moisture in the sockets that made them shine. They glinted with amusement as he spoke.”


Mornei Abernathy

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