Guilliam: The Next Generation

Captain's Log 5.27M40.979

I have met with the honorable Lady Catherine Bene’Tek. She is a lovely woman, wise behind her years, a pleasant sight upon the eyes, and as experienced a Warp Guide as a captain could ever wish for. She is the wealth spring of knowledge and a calming presence in and out of the warp. She will help me achieve my glorious purpose. She is truly blessed as her feet have touched the grounds of Holy Terra itself. I feel the God Emperor himself has sent her to me. As second seat we have the lovely Sophia Cassini. She is a vision, the very jewel I had witnessed the night my vessel was rightfully bestowed to me. It is no doubt my charm and looks have drawn her to the Gilliam cause. The Lady Bene’Tek and I have come to an understanding on her position. She will learn from the best Holy Terra has to offer.

Captain's Log 5.26M40.979

We have jumped into the sea of souls. My first official jump! In the captain’s chair I am a force of nature. A mighty tempest of will and adamantine that… I can’t believe it! Rats! Of all the damnable creatures to infest my glorious ship we have rats! These little bastards won’t be long for this world on my vessel. I’ve seen to that. I shall unleash the wrath of the twist master upon these vermin. Let’s see here, who is my Twist Catcher, Oh no…

Captain's Log 5.25M40.979

It is exactly as I dreamed. Finally, after long last, my dreams have come to fruition. I don’t remember much from last night. Women, lots of women. And Navagator houses too. There was a beauty in the crowd. Well, specifically one that stood out more then the rest. But, for all my days to come, I will never forget the sight of my vessel’s unveiling. The Pentella Umbra, a beauty that eclipses all others touted before me that night. Glorious to behold. The Pentella Umbra and all of its wonder forged genius. It represents everything I want in life. Power, wealth, and above all, freedom. Freedom to do what I want. To strike out for myself and shed the oppressive restraints my family strives to shackle me with. The Gilliam dynasty has just begun to flourish and with this wondrous creation, we will see our glory days again. Nay, we shall exceed them beyond my Uncle’s wildest dreams.

Captain's Log 5.24M40.979

I have arrived at Port Wander with all the pomp and circumstance bestowed to my family name. Tonight we feast to my name day. I am to meet this Vazir Escabar at Zelchev’s suggestion as he holds some “work” available for the dynasty.

Captain's Log 5.19M40.979

After visiting my God Father Alexei Zelchev I have garnered transportation with Void Master Mantle through connections to Dimetri. We make way to Port Wander where Moirne claims he has a “suprise” awaiting. Clearly it is my long awaited and overdue Battle Cruiser. It is hard to contain my excitment but I will do it, for the family…. Hahaha, ohhhh…. This is going to be fun.

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