Guilliam: The Next Generation

Captain's Log 5.27M40.979

I have met with the honorable Lady Catherine Bene’Tek. She is a lovely woman, wise behind her years, a pleasant sight upon the eyes, and as experienced a Warp Guide as a captain could ever wish for. She is the wealth spring of knowledge and a calming presence in and out of the warp. She will help me achieve my glorious purpose. She is truly blessed as her feet have touched the grounds of Holy Terra itself. I feel the God Emperor himself has sent her to me. As second seat we have the lovely Sophia Cassini. She is a vision, the very jewel I had witnessed the night my vessel was rightfully bestowed to me. It is no doubt my charm and looks have drawn her to the Gilliam cause. The Lady Bene’Tek and I have come to an understanding on her position. She will learn from the best Holy Terra has to offer.


Warlock_Xanatos Gladiator

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